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Our Services

Our Services

Seeking the ideal recruitment partner for hiring proficient international healthcare staff is crucial. Healthcare Procurement Agency (HPA), a leading agency in international healthcare recruitment, offers this expertise. Established in 2013, we have a track record of successfully partnering with NHS Trusts, private hospitals, and care homes. Our specialization focuses on efficiently connecting healthcare providers with qualified overseas nursing staff, ensuring a smooth and professional recruitment process.

Our Excellence in International Healthcare Recruitment
As a premier international healthcare recruitment agency, our approach is streamlined, professional, and efficient, offering several key advantages:

Rapid and Qualified Staffing Solutions: Leveraging our extensive tools, resources, and international networks, we swiftly fill vacancies with highly qualified candidates.

Sustained Nurse Engagement: Our advanced after-care system fosters lasting relationships with our nurses, crucial for their long-term retention in the UK. This approach is both time and cost-effective for healthcare employers.

Seamless Onboarding: We handle all preparatory steps and bookings, ensuring our healthcare candidates are work-ready as soon as possible.

Training and Qualifications Vetting & Assurance Guarantee: We guarantee that all healthcare candidates and professionals meet the required training and qualifications standards. We engage in extensive vetting and in many cases make personals visits to institutions that our candidates got their qualifications from to verify the authenticity of their qualifications.

Cost and Time Efficiency Guidance: Our expertise extends to advising on best practices and technologies for significant cost and time savings.

Expertise in International Recruitment: With deep knowledge in overseas healthcare staffing & recruitment, we offer comprehensive guidance on visas and legislation.

Diverse and Specialized Talent Pool: Whether for small-scale hires or large recruitment projects, we have strong connections with international nurses across various specializations and backgrounds.
Our commitment is to provide exceptional recruitment services, ensuring your needs are met with professionalism and expertise.